Pattern repeat to make 1 elephant is 12 stitches.

Row1: Sl st in 3; ch2 anchor dc in same st, cdc1, ch3, sk3, dc, cdc2, ch2, turn.

Row2: Adc, cdc across, ch4, sk3 sl st in the same st where the trunk of the previous elephant is. Turn.

Row3: Sl st very loosely in the 4ch, sc, hdc, cdc, ctc4, dc, ch3, sl st at base of dc.

Rotate to work in rounds to make the ears: ch1, working around the post of the dc, dc3, remove hook from st, reach under a horizontal bar of another st on the body and pull the active stitch loop through to anchor the ear; dc2more around the same bar; ch1, sl st around bar; ch1, rotate to work around ch3sp, dc5, ch1, sl st around same.

Ch5. sl st in 3rd ch from hook, sk 3st on blanket, sl st.

Repeat for next elephant.