Foundation Single Crochet – Learn How

Foundation Single Crochet is one of the KEY Game-Changer stitches that I would encourage you to master.

This stitch makes for a beautiful stretchy edge that is perfect for garments and allows for easily building rows on either side of the stitch. FSC is actually worked in a sort of verticle fashion, rather than the horizontal right to left movement than we are generally accustomed to. It is sort of an optical illusion so, don’t over-think it, trust the instructions, and you’ll be great!

Follow these comprehensive steps, as well as working along with my low-tech and easy to follow Tutorial Video

To make the first Foundation Single Crochet: Start with Ch2. Insert Hook under back loop and back bump of 2nd ch from hook. It looks like you have 3 loops on your hook.


Yo and draw one loop through the 2 loops of the stitch your hook is under.


Yo and draw one loop through the first loop on your hook to make the foundation chain stitch


Yo and draw through both loops on hook to complete the sc

To make subsequent FSC follow these steps between the **

** Locate the foundation chain of the previous stitch


Insert hook under 2 loops of the foundation chain


This makes the nice V shape we recognize from the top of a crochet row


Yo and draw up one loop


Yo and pull through 1 loop to make foundation chain


Yo and draw through both loops to finish the sc. **



Continue working ** to ** until the desired number of foundations stitches have been made.

Now, get out your practice yarn and hook and work through YouTube tutorial I made for you:

I hope you found this tutorial on Foundation Single Crochet helpful! If you did, please share it with your stitching peeps!




3 Thoughts on “Foundation Single Crochet – Learn How

  1. VERY glad to have found you – crochet isn’t my easiest, compared to knitting.

    I would like to know if the Foundation Single would work when making a chevron ripple afghan.

    It doesn’t seem it would but you’re much more knowledgeable about such matters.

    Better to ask a question and be thought a fool than to not ask and remove all doubt.

    1. This is a GREAT Question! YES! It CAN be used for setting up a ripple, however, a few modifications would need to be factored in to allow for the up and down points. I will add this to my list of future tutorials! THANK YOU for the suggestion!

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